New Clinton Emails Describe Plan of Thwarting U.S. ‘Jewish Leadership’


Newly released Hillary Clinton emails describe a plan to thwart an effort by “Jewish leaders” to undermine Barack Obama.


On Thursday, Judicial Watch released the final batch of emails recovered by the FBI among the 33,000 emails Hillary tried to “delete or destroy” from her unsecured private email server.

Among the emails highlighted by the government watchdog are five email exchanges Judicial Watch determined to contain classified information. The organization has also drawn attention to a few notable email exchanges, including one lengthy memo from Sid Blumenthal to Clinton warning about an effort “coordinated by Jewish institutional leaders” designed to undermine an Obama appointment and laying out a plan to thwart that alleged effort.

He concluded by presenting his “bad cop” proposal: “In order to protect yourself and your emissaries in the diplomatic effort from the inevitably intense fire of which the Foxman incident is only a portent, you need a political heat shield. That barrier must be a person. That person should not be a diplomat (though Mitchell is already targeted and will receive incoming). That person should be organically tied to the President, invested with his authority and have an explicitly political brief. That person should be the bad cop. The bad cop must be a political appointee, Jewish, considered the true friend of Israel, and be understood as representing the president’s will. The bad cop should already have sternly rebuked Foxman to send the message back not to play with fire.”

Clinton replied to the memo by writing: “Thanks for these. And I will call you in the next few days.”