Crowds Boo Ilhan Omar as She Arrives at Terror-Tied CAIR


Radical Republican Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was booed by a pro-American crowd as she arrived at a fundraising event for terror-tied CAIR on Saturday evening.

CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist funding case in U.S. history, has been aggressively lobbying to censor any American who dares speak out against radical Islam.

Recently CAIR lobbied to have Jewish conservative activist Laura Loomer deplatformed from Twitter.

Judge Jeanine Pirro was suspended from her FOX News show after she questioned if Ilhan Omar’s allegiance was to Sharia law given she wears a Sharia compliant hijab.


Trump-supporting, anti-Sharia law Americans showed up to the Hilton Hotel in Woodland Hills Saturday night to protest Ilhan Omar and CAIR.


Hilton Hotel guests took part in the Pro-American and Pro-Israel rally against Ilhan Omar and CAIR in Woodland Hills, California.

Guests unfurled banners that read, “CAIR hates Jews” and “Ilhan hates Israel.”